6 Best Subwoofers Under $1,000 – Reviews & Buying Guide 2021


In the audio market, finding the right products to enjoy can sometimes be a bit overwhelming. You’ll see prices that exceed your budget and this can eventually prevent you from getting a great product.

When it comes to subwoofers, this is even more true, to the point of total inaccessibility. Fortunately, you can always go for the best subwoofer under 1000 and get a decent product without breaking your wallet.

Here, we want you to learn everything there is to know about subwoofers and more. If you’re eager to find out everything we have to say about them, including all the factors to consider, as well as a few models worth having, go further and learn!

Our Top Pick

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Top 10 Best Subwoofers To Buy In 2021

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10 Best Subwoofers Review

Bestseller No. 1
Skar Audio Dual 12" 5000W Loaded EVL Series Vented Subwoofer Enclosure | EVL-2X12D4
  • Competition Grade EVL Series 12-Inch Dual 4-ohm Loaded Subwoofer Enclosure
  • Peak Power: 5,000 Watts | RMS Power: 2,500 Watts
  • Subwoofers Come Mounted and are Pre-Wired Internally for a 1 Ohm Final Impedance Load at the Terminals
  • Premium Vented Enclosure Made of High Strength MDF and Finished in Black Carpeting
  • Double Front Baffle (1.25") with Countersunk Subwoofer Design for Flush and Attractive Appearance
Bestseller No. 2
Kicker Bundle C12 Comp Triple 12" Loaded Subwoofer 1800 Watt Sub Box Enclosure with Harmony Audio HA-A1500.1 Amplifier
  • Kicker Bundle Comp C12 Triple 12" Subwoofer Loaded 1800 Watt Sub Box Enclosure & Harmony HA-A1500.1 Amp
Bestseller No. 3
Skar Audio Single 12" Complete 2,500 Watt EVL Series Subwoofer Bass Package - Includes Loaded Enclosure with Amplifier
  • All-in-one complete EVL Series subwoofer bass package
  • Single 12-inch subwoofer comes pre-wired and loaded in vented custom enclosure
  • RP-1500.1D Class D Amplifier and 4 gauge OFC wiring kit included
  • Easy-to-install - tight and accurate bass
  • 2,500 Watts peak power - 1,250 Watts RMS power
SaleBestseller No. 6
Sonos Arc - The Premium Smart Soundbar for TV, Movies, Music, Gaming, and More - Black
  • All-new Sonos Arc - Bring all your entertainment to life with the brilliantly realistic sound of Arc, featuring Dolby Atmos. Enjoy control with your TV remote, voice, the Sonos app, Apple AirPlay 2, and more
  • 3D sound with Dolby Atmos - Experience shows, movies, and games with the precise and immersive sound of Dolby Atmos
  • Tuned to perfection - Enhanced Trueplay tuning technology optimizes the sound for the unique acoustics of the room
  • Immerse yourself in the music - Stream music, radio, podcasts, and more from your favorite services with the Sonos app or Apple AirPlay 2 when the TV is off
  • Class 10 for Full HD video recording and playback (Full HD (1920x1080) video support may vary based upon host device, file attributes, and other factors.)
Bestseller No. 7
Sennheiser AMBEO Sub for TV and Music with Immersive 3D Surround Sound a Thundering Deep Bass Down to 27 Hz - 8'' Subwoofer 350W Class D Amplifier Compatible Soundbar Family, Black
  • State-of-the-art technology: For a particularly natural and realistic sound experience, the subwoofer delivers extremely deep bass supported by AMBEO virtualisation technology
  • 3D surround sound with thunderous bass: An 8-inch high-end woofer paired with a 350W Class D amplifier and sealed enclosure delivers deep bass down to 27 Hz. Compatible with the Ambeo Soundbar family
  • Wireless connection: Advanced multi-sub array technology lets you connect up to 4 subwoofers wirelessly for a clean aesthetic and calibrate them individually for optimal sound
  • Automated self-calibration: With its built-in far-field microphone, the subwoofer scans your room and studies its acoustics with extreme precision, creating a unique, immersive 3D sound experience
  • Effortless control: Operate the subwoofer via the intuitive Smart Control App, which offers multiple audio and equalizer settings. Enjoy a future-proof experience thanks to regular updates
SaleBestseller No. 8
REL Acoustics HT/1205 Subwoofer, HT-Air Wireless Compatible, Line Grained Black Composite
  • Extremely high output for chest rumbling home theater special effects.
  • Powerful, Pure Home Theater Subwoofer. Perfect for home theater systems that need a little extra oomph. Matches well with any system. Use a single HT/1205 in rooms 100-400 sq. ft. or a pair for rooms larger than 400 sq. ft.
  • HT-Air Wireless compatible, Front-firing 12" long-throw CarbonGlas driver, 500 watt Class D amplifier, Low Level stereo RCA or .1/LFE RCA inputs, Low Level stereo RCA or .1/LFE RCA outputs for daisy chains, -6dB @ 22Hz in room frequency response.
  • No assembly required. Comes with manual, power cord, and set of optional rubber feet
  • WARRANTY: 3 years parts and labor on new products. Covers all REL products and parts that are defective in material and workmanship. We will, at our sole option, repair or replace any defective parts free of charge. The warranty is no transferable.
Bestseller No. 9
Bose Bass Module 700 - Black- Wireless, Compact Subwoofer
  • This wireless, compact subwoofer is designed to be paired with the Bose sound bar 700 to bring music, movies, and TV to life with deep, dramatic bass. The surround speakers have a wireless range of 30 feet
  • A powerful driver and generously sized port deliver a dynamic range of rich, low notes so you can feel the full impact of pulse pounding scenes and playlists
  • Rock the house without sacrificing clarity with quiet port technology that virtually eliminates distortion
  • Premium glass top finish adds elegance to your home theater setup
  • Pair the Bose sound bar 700 and Bose bass module 700 with Bose surround speakers for a powerful combination of thunderous bass and True surround sound. Bose Bass Module 700 also compatible with Bose Sound bar 500 and Sound Touch 300 sound bar
SaleBestseller No. 10
SVS 3000 Micro Subwoofer with Fully Active Dual 8-inch Drivers (Piano Gloss Black)
  • Precisely tuned overhung motor configuration for unerring woofer control at all drive levels
  • Proprietary injection-molded NBR surrounds built for extreme-excursion and longevity at reference playback levels.
  • High-current 4-layer copper voice coil winding minimizes distortion and power compression while providing effective heat dissipation and tuned magnetics for accuracy at high excursion
  • Formidable proprietary ferrite motor system generates high-flux-density magnetic fields to drive room-filling sound pressure levels with pinpoint transient speed
  • Dual 8-inch baskets with FEA optimized powder-coated frames for maximum rigidity thermal conductivity and mechanical damping

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s $1000 Too Much for a Subwoofer?
For a subwoofer, $1000 is a costly price. While the models on this range tend to be way better than the most affordable alternatives at under $200 – $500, they’re sometimes just not ideal.

Let’s say you want a subwoofer to place in your living room where your children and other people pass through. Well, an accident can happen at any time. And you may end up with a subwoofer that doesn’t work anymore.

Now imagine that woofer costs you a lot of money, what then? You would have lost a lot of money in a product that doesn’t work anymore. And, you will regret it.

So, if you can’t or don’t want to afford a subwoofer on this price range – for whatever reason – then you’ll want to find alternatives. Here’s where our reviews enter into action!

What is a Subwoofer?

Subwoofers are the backbone of any music system, be it your home theatre, a car stereo, or your music system. A subwoofer is an essential music instrument that is equally important for a night club, your home theatre, an office, or any other location. Subwoofers are commonly also known as subs. They are loud-speakers designed to enhance your music listening time. They induce low-pitched audio frequency popularly known as bass and sub-bass.

Subwoofers are used to extract the low-frequency noises that get hidden due to the high pitched sounds. They are never used alone. The subwoofer is like that the extra topping that always makes your desert complete.

Are subwoofers important?

Many people question that they already have great music systems, so do they still need to add subwoofers to the set? Well, subwoofers are used to improve home theatre vibes but it is equally critical for sound systems. If you have a huge set of speakers, then subwoofers are all the more necessary for you.

Subs double the quality of the outcome of bass and that improves everything. It makes your sounds so clear, crisp, strong, and addictive to listen to. Subs for home theatres as well as music systems intensify and create dramatic surroundings.

Subwoofers bring out the best audio quality from anywhere installed. Be it your cars, homes, and offices. Subwoofers compliment anything with speakers. If you already had paid enough of your saving to bring home the most technologically sound music system or a home theatre or even the latest sound system for your car, being skeptical towards buying a subwoofer is quite general and acceptable.

But subwoofers not only add that extra spice quotient to your sound system but they also provide surround-sound quality to your home theatre that makes you not only want to watch it but live it with you. Therefore, let us look at some of the best subwoofers under 500 to suit all kinds of locations, functions, moods, and audio devices.

Benefits of buying a subwoofer

Most people would agree that the best thing about listening to sounds is the bass. And similarly, the only thing that sets apart good music from great music is the bass itself.

  1. Improves performance:

With subwoofers, you can play music as loud as you want without any distortion. In many music systems, when you start listening to audios at full volume, it becomes difficult for the speakers to keep pace. But for a proper attuned music system, all you need is a Subwoofers. Once you add subwoofers to your collection. They seamlessly play loud sounds distortion-free.

  1. Captures every note of the low frequency:

A great subwoofer is capable of reproducing all the low range frequencies from audio. This makes you hear the audio with extra detailing and gives out only the real aesthetic low-frequency bass notes compared to the speakers which produce “sonic signature” music.

A subwoofer improves the quality of your music and all the other speakers will be living up to their best potential. And that is when you can say, your sound system is worth the money spent.

  1. Produces notes the speakers are incapable of receiving:

Normal speakers, however, advance they might be, start dropping sounds at 50HZ.  And on the other hand, a subwoofer can pick sounds as low as till 20Hz that is lower than the limit of an average human’s hearing.

The quality change can be noticed by any layman. You don’t need to be a specialized person in technology or music. The quality improvement is so noticeable that you will start feeling incomplete if you don’t include subwoofers later on.

  1. Compatibly:

The greatest positive factor about subwoofers is that it is compatible with every speaker of every brand. They are a very friendly device that allows themselves to be in the back seat and watch the credit of great sound playing being given to something else.

Great subwoofers must always sound like an extension and never overpower the speakers. Only when speakers and subwoofers blend properly can you enjoy the most perfect sound experiences. Subwoofers extract all the low-frequency sounds and it not only makes it reach your ears but also makes you feel it in your chest. It enables the speakers to reach their best potential and provide crystal clear audio without any lagging and on high volume.

  1. Improves frequencies for higher notes too:

One can fit bass speakers inside their car stereo itself. But it is always advised not to. As this will not sound too good. In fact, in such a situation, long notes will take up extra power from a single speaker set and suck up most of the power. Whereas the frequency for the lower notes won’t be produced properly and will result in sloppy and dragging sounds. This not only hampers your audio listening but effectively damages the entire stereo system you paid so much for.

  1. Stereo speakers don’t provide bass:

Car stereos do not have enough space to fit big instruments for music inside them. That is why they fit the speakers in their car doors and dashboards. These speakers do not provide any deep sounds and start to wear off when you increase the volume or play some EDM type music too loud.

But when you install a subwoofer, it receives power from a solo amplifier and automatically handles crossover frequencies. This allows your car stereo to enhance itself. It provides the best audio experience. It targets the speakers to reach their full potential and produce the best frequencies out of them. When all the audio devices work to their fullest, your car stereo will provide nothing but the best quality sound listening experience.

What are the various types of subwoofers?

When you watch a movie, it is not just the video that amazes you, it is the mixture of audio and video that enhance your movie-watching experience. It is the bass notes coming out of the subwoofer that makes you actually feel the emotion of the scene.

There are two types of subwoofers:

  1. Passive
  2. Powered Subwoofer

Passive Subwoofer:

Passive subwoofers are those which gather power through external amplifiers. For a subwoofer to work and also reproduce good, in-depth bass it needs a lot of external power. Therefore, a high powered amplifier is required for the subwoofer to work and for it to not start lagging midway.

Powered Subwoofer:

These days most of the subwoofers are made up of this type. It is the exact opposite of passive subwoofers. The powered subwoofer is a combination of the subwoofer speaker and the amplifier both in a single device.

This is widely popular because it lets the transition to be smooth and does not disturb the voice mid-way. This settlement uses a lot of power to provide a non-irritating and clear bass effect.

Is Powered better than Passive subwoofer?

Which type of subwoofer you use is not important. You cannot judge the performance of a subwoofer based on this. It differs from various brands, prices, and other facilities.

However, the most commonly used subwoofer is a Power type subwoofer. It is most commonly used because it provides a built-in amplifier that manufactures better results. Since it uses its own amplifier, it is not dependent on any external source for powering itself. And on the other hand, when you purchase a Passive subwoofer you will compulsorily need an external amplifier which is also equally costly doubling your expense when you can get the same results at a lesser price.

Difference between sealed and ported subwoofer:

Subwoofers consider every minute details for your best experience and have evolved their appearances as well. Subwoofers have two main designing styles. Sealed and Ported. The audio quality and density of a subwoofer depend on the way it has been designed. People have different tastes and different song preferences. Some people might enjoy loud boomy noises whereas some people prefer clear and tight audio. For you to have the best experience with subwoofers make sure that you can enjoy both types to their fullest.

The designing of the subwoofer plays a vital role in its output. If you are a person who likes tight audio, opt for a sealed subwoofer. And for those who like boomy noises, a Ported subwoofer is the best pick.

Here is some more in-depth information for you to understand your subwoofer design type better.

Sealed Subwoofer:

Sealed subwoofers, as the name suggests have sealed cabinets that restrict the movement of air through it resulting in crisp sounds. The sealed subwoofer is the most widely used as they provide the most accurate bass. It needs more power compared to Ported subwoofers. It has an enclosed design that allows little air to move quickly that allows soundwaves to travel faster to your ears and provides the best sound quality.

It is most critically used in guitars and other musical instruments because of the accurate sounds they provide. It helps them in delivering the most natural and accurate sound notes.

Ported Subwoofers:

Ported subwoofers reproduce boomy sounds. Unlike Sealed speakers that have enclosed speakers, Ported subwoofers are manufactured with one and more air vents to allow the subwoofer to engage low bass ranges. This setup has a very simple logic. More openings allow in-depth bass outputs. Ported subwoofers have deeper octaves that too without a desire for any additional boost.

Powered subwoofers do not require much stronger amps and are much more efficient. If you are looking for a subwoofer for your home-theatre, Ported subwoofers as compared to Sealed subwoofers are less accurate but they are the best choices if you are looking for chest rumbling and thunderous voices for the best cinematic experience.

Do subwoofers negatively impact your audio system?

Subwoofers have a bad reputation stating that they negatively impact sound listening. It is commonly believed that subwoofers emit boomy and annoying sounds. It is definitely not true. Subwoofers produce an unpleasant sound when they aren’t placed properly. Proper adjustment and placing of the subwoofer are very important. For the best outcome of a subwoofer, the most important thing is the placing of the subwoofer. The only thing that defines the quality of your subwoofer is where and how it has been located. And those who cannot understand this technique blame the poor subwoofer for its bad performance.

When placed properly, all a subwoofer does is improve and enhance your audio experience. The subwoofer is one such instrument that takes the back seat itself and lets the speakers take credit for an amazing audio experience. But there are a few products in the market that justify the myth. And a few brands and manufacturers that aren’t capable of produce good frequency range, try to create it by modulating the subwoofer eventually damaging the quality. Such an assembly of the subwoofer creates sloppy and lagging voices in the subwoofer. But this is not what subwoofers do.

You can make sure you do not fall into this trap and get yourself the best and the most suitable outcome from your subwoofer. There are a few simple notes to remember and practice when you buy as well as install your subwoofer.

Here is how you can make sure that the subwoofer you choose is a real piece and enhances the best sound listening experience and fill richness in the music.

  1. Do not be impressed by the boom.
  2. Frequency receiving range
  3. Placement is the key factor.
  • Do not be impressed by the boom:

“The lower the boom, the more the bass” this is a wrong idea that people possess. Booming audio is not one of the best features of the best subwoofer. There are different subwoofer types and some are manufactured just to create an extra boom. It does not mean that every subwoofer should produce booming sounds.

  • Frequency receiving range:

Subwoofers are required because no other device is capable of extracting low-frequency notes, better than a subwoofer. Where a normal speaker starts giving up on deep notes, a subwoofer just begins from there. The best subwoofers have a low frequency receiving range from 20 Hz.

  • Placement is the key:

like you need to find the perfect location in your home/office to get receive proper internet connectivity from your Wi-Fi, similarly even the best subwoofer below 500 will not be good enough if it is not placed in the right location.

One vs two subwoofers?

If you have a home theatre, the answer for you is, the more you have the better it is. Though it is not really required, you can still use two subwoofers for better effects. A single muscular subwoofer will provide enough bass and thumping effects that you can feel it in your entire house is kept in a proper location. But, if you go for two subwoofers, it will divide the effects and the bass quality and create a rumbling effect throughout your house and nearby area. Two subwoofers when placed accordingly throughout the house, will balance every audio coming out of it and amplify the audio.

It can be used to intensity the cinematic experience of your home theatre. Another noticeable difference of effect for two subwoofers would be of the level of audio. When you install only one subwoofer, you subconsciously know where the audio is coming from. You know where to listen to for hearing proper and clear effects. When you have two subwoofers, you cannot decipher which effect came out of which sub. It keeps your mind hypnotized and concentrated on finding the location of the sound.

Cone Features 

The cones that are available inside subwoofers are one of the key elements that have a major impact on the sound quality that you’re able to experience. 

The size of the cone that has been used in a sub will determine how long a subwoofer can have a certain sound playing for. 

Furthermore, the structure of the cone can have an effect on the quality of the sound. If it has been made with rigid materials, it will reduce any vibration to ensure that you can hear the bass without any distortion. 

Differences Between Down and Front-Firing Subs

There are two main types of subwoofers available. Ones that are down-firing and others that are front-firing. So, what’s the difference between them?

Well, they’ve been specifically designed to work best when they’re placed in different areas of a room. 

When it comes to front-firing subs, they’re able to produce the sound from the front. Therefore, front-firing subwoofers are best for placing them directly in front of you as that’s how the sound will travel the best. 

As far as down-firing speakers are concerned, they’re able to provide you with sound that goes downwards through the ground. 

Therefore, the down-firing options are best if you’re looking for subs that you can place in the corner of your room. It enables the low frequencies to travel better for an enhanced listening experience. 

The Types of Enclosures Available

While reading through our review, and doing any of your own research, you will have noticed that there are a couple of different enclosures available with these subs. 

They include seals and ports and they both have their own benefits. 

Using subwoofers with a sealed enclosure will ensure that certain sound waves are held back. As a result, it can let you listen to audio with more crispness. 

Having said that, the technology that has been used with many of the subs with ports nowadays is pretty great as well. Therefore, it’s something that may come down to personal preference and how you’re mainly going to be using the subwoofer.

Understanding the Effect of Crossover

The crossover that’s available with subwoofers is another important element to consider. It essentially works as a filter to help the sub pick up on the various frequencies. 

This is incredibly important for allowing you to hear bass that sounds tight. Not to mention, it enables you to hear all of the other sounds from various speakers that are connected that aren’t at a low frequency. 

Therefore, having a bass with a good crossover system is crucial especially when it comes to movies. There are often many other sound effects happening at once. A high-quality crossover system ensures that these different frequency sounds don’t get muddled and cause distortion. 

  1. What is the top 5 subwoofer brand?

How do you decide whether which is the best subwoofer for you? Let’s start with the most important thing. The brand. After that, product features, and then the price with its features, and then its size or the looks.

Apart from product descriptions. Most people are brand loyal. They have faith in the company and relay on its products more than the product features. These brands have been ruling the market for a long time know. People trust popular brands because they have great customer reviews.

Some such brands are:

  • JBL

It has become the most household name. People trust this brand the most and are ready to sell anything it manufactures. It not only provides the best quality products but also has the most affordable prices. JBL knows its audience and has a product in store for each category of people.

  • Klipsch

This is one of the oldest and most prestigious brands. It is an American brand and has a long history of good quality production. Another specialty of this brand is that once you start using a Klipsch product, you will forever want to use a Klipsch product. It has very smooth and easy functioning which makes you a fan instantly.

  • Monoprice

This is a fairly well doing brand. Monoprice is popular among teens as it is known to produce affordable and good quality products.

It is an American brand located in California. It is an e-commerce website that produces tech products and electronics at very affordable prices.

  • Sony

It is the most recognizable brand. Sony is specialized in creating world-class electronic products. It is the most polished and the most trusted brand for any purchase. The durability and quality of Sony is something other bands fight hard to match. And therefore, it is a brand name that is almost on everybody’s lips. Sony is a perfect bet for buying subwoofers at least.

  • Polk Audio

This is a brand that has been doing good for itself for a long time. It manufactures. This brand is particularly known for producing decent speakers, woofers, ceiling speakers at affordable prices. These speakers are marvelous for playing with frequencies and are reliable for quality for its price.

These are some of the best subwoofer brands because they are known to satisfy their customers. These brands know what the taste of their customers are and treat the customer as king.

Final Words

This is the last lap of the article – and where you need to start thinking about what you want as a subwoofer.

Remember, the best subwoofer under 1000 won’t be the most expensive or the one with the most features. Instead, it is the model that matches all your needs, requirements, and demands precisely.

As long as it works for you, and probably even offers a few extra features – then you’re getting an excellent product. Don’t hesitate and get yours now!

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