10 Best Pool Slides In 2021 | Tested and Reviewed


Although most people go to the pool to relax, they also look for ways to make this time as fun as possible. With the best pool slides, you can easily turn your pool into an amusement park.

Surprisingly, pool slides are exciting for adults and children, so you would be wrong to think that these slides are just for kids. It’s a great way to take the pleasure of the pool to a new level. With that said, we should also warn you that while the slides are great, buying the wrong one can be the worst experience of your life at the pool.

This means that, when deciding to buy a slide for your pool, you need to make sure it is the best. To help make your decision easier, we reviewed the top five pool slides on the market, with S.R. Smith Rogue2 Pool Slide is the best overall.

He does many things better than others, including his incredible height and channel length. As usual, our choices were determined taking into account some valuable variables, such as height, carcass length and weight limit.

The first two determine the fun that a slide offers, while the weight limit lets you know who can use the slide. As for the organization of the article, we have simplified it for you, including a comparison table, a review section and a very complete buying guide.

Our Top Pick

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Top 10 Best Pool Slide To Buy In 2021

Last update on 2022-11-24 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

10 Best Pool Slide Review

Bestseller No. 1
Intex 58849EP Kool Splash Durable Inflatable Play Center Swimming Pool with Built In Sprayers for Kids and Adults, Age 6 and Up , Blue
  • WATER SLIDE: The Intex Kool Splash Kids Inflatable Swimming Pool Water Slide is fun for the whole family. Attach a garden hose for built-in sprayers to wet the surface and made for ages 6 and up
  • COMPATIBLE: The slide is great for most in-ground and above ground pools with a sufficient pool height deck. The 5 separate air chambers add for extra safety and durability
  • SAFE: The soft landing pad extension goes into the pool for extra safety and has inflatable stairs and stepping mat on the backside for easy climbing
  • DURABLE: Constructed of super-strong 20 gauge vinyl materials and strong fused seams the water slide is built to last all your summer adventures with heavy-duty climbing handles
  • PRODUCT INFO: The product comes with a repair patch kit, has a weight limit of 176 pounds, and the dimensions are (LxWxH): 131 x 81 x 46 inches
SaleBestseller No. 2
Wow Pool Party Slide - Inline, Multi, Large
  • WOW Pool Party Slide - Inline, Multi, Large
Bestseller No. 3
S.R. Smith 670-209-58223 Typhoon Left Curve Pool Slide, Sandstone
  • Thrill-ride pool slide with curves and dips designed for pools with limited deck space
  • Elegant rotomolded design for strength and durability; measures 7 feet, 4 inches tall with flume length of 9 feet, 10 inches
  • Accommodates adults and children up to 275 pounds; Installation required; backed by 3-year warranty
  • Safety is a top priority - sturdy molded in handrails and enclosed ladder. Deep and wide flume.
Bestseller No. 4
S.R. Smith 698-209-58124 Cyclone Right Curve Pool Slide, Gray Granite
  • Compact pool slide hours of fun; ideal for limited deck space
  • Elegant rotomolded design for strength and durability; measures 4 feet, 1 inch tall with flume length of 6 feet, 10 inches
  • Accommodates sliders up to 175 pounds
  • Installation required; backed by 3-year warranty
SaleBestseller No. 5
Intex Kool Splash Kids Inflatable Swimming Pool Water Slide Accessory 58849EP
  • Make a splash all summer long with family and friends with this durable, heavy-duty inflatable water slide; Maximum Weight: 176 pounds
  • Constructed of premium, ultra-tough 20-gauge vinyl for durability and added safety that won't break down during rough use
  • Convenient built-in sprayers attach directly to your garden hose to keep the surface wet and easy to slide down
  • Added safety features include heavy-duty handles and inflatable stairs for quick and safe climbing for all ages; Recommended for ages 6 and up
  • Comfortable and soft landing extension goes into your inground pool for a smooth and safe landing every time
SaleBestseller No. 6
WOW Sports Soaker Splash Pad Slide (Slide Only), Inflatable Water Slide for Splash Pads, Slide for Backyard Watersports, Splash Pad Accessory
  • Splash Pad Backyard Slide: WOW Sports brings you the best way to beat the heat easily this summer by cooling off in your own backyard! This backyard waterslide is perfect for those sweltering days!
  • Waterslide for Splash Pad: Add this inflatable water slide to your splash pad to double the fun and quadruple the memories! The built-in soaker sprinkler creates a wet, fast and slippery sliding surface for endless sliding fun!
  • Inflatable Slide: The inbuilt soaker ensures that you don’t need any soaping for any sliding action, and can easily connect to any standard garden hose. Its EZ boarding step design comes with molded handles for ease of climbing and stability.
  • Inflatable Splash Pad Slide: At the bottom of the slide, there exists a slide bumper for easy connectivity and entry into the water!
  • Watersports Accessory: With inflated side rails to ensure a secure ride, along with the super-slick, yet durable PVC build of the waterslide ensures it stays with you for years to come!
SaleBestseller No. 7
WOW Sports Pontoon Waterfall Slide
  • Adjustable Straps let you fit the slide off most pontoon boats
  • Inflate & Attach to your Craft easily in minutes
  • Deflate and fold up for EZ Storage
  • Take turns and slide one at a time
Bestseller No. 8
S.R. Smith 610-209-5823 Rogue2 Pool Slide, Blue
  • The Rogue2 slide has a retro look with a thoroughly modern flume that makes this slide the new standard for backyard fun
  • High volume water delivery system can be plumbed through the pool's return line or connected to a garden hose
  • Elegant rotomolded flume design for strength and durability; measures 7 feet tall with flume length of 9 feet, 3 inches
  • Can be surface or in-deck mounted to accommodate any pool (flanges included)
  • Backed by a 3-year warranty
SaleBestseller No. 9
Swing-N-Slide 7 ft.Turbo Tube Slide , Blue
  • For backyard residential use only; unable to ship to a commercial address
  • This accessory is designed to fit a 7’ Deck height ONLY
  • Max Weight Capacity: 250 lbs
  • Meets and/or exceeds ASTM and CPSIA safety standards for backyard residential use only
  • Additional support lumber required: 2" X 4" X 96" (Not Included); Mounting hardware included
SaleBestseller No. 10
Swimline Sea-Saw Rocker , Yellow
  • Sea saw rocker built for use by two swimmers at a time
  • Reinforced handles make it easier for occupants to hold on and rock away
  • Durable construction provides hours of fun
  • Sunny Yellow and radiant Red color
  • Great for above-ground and in-ground pool Use

Last update on 2022-11-24 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

What Types Of Pool Slides Can You Buy?

Best Pool Slides

1. Straight Leg Slide

Straight leg slides feature a straight section at the top, with a broad curve at the end where it sends a slider right into your swimming pool.

You’ll find straight leg slides anywhere from 8 to 12 feet tall, with a set of stairs to climb that is mainly just a ladder. The stairs for these types of slides can be either open or closed, and fit well with smaller swimming pools because of their simple shape.

If you’re looking for a slide and have smaller children, a closed set of stairs is much safer, as they stop feet from slipping through.

2. Molded Leg Slide

Molded leg slides typically feature a larger curve and a steeper design than the straight leg counterparts, which adds to the thrill your children will get using this particular slide.

You’ll find molded leg slides usually around 8 feet tall, with an enclosed staircase for added safety. Because it’s closed, your feet cannot slip through and off each step.

Owing to their compact design, molded leg slides are great options for pool owners looking for a slide that doesn’t take up a large amount of deck space.

3. Elephant Leg Slide

Elephant leg slides are the largest and fastest of the different types of pool slides, with models reaching up to 14 feet tall.

These types of slides are immediately identifiable, owing to the unique “elephant feet” staircase you use to reach the top of the slide.

You have the choice between two different styles with this design; a G-Force pattern that is a massive 360 helix, and the stream design that curves and twists.

Straight Vs. Molded Vs. Elephant: Which Is Best?

Straight leg slides are the most basic option, ideal if you’re looking for a simple slide and only have a smaller pool that isn’t particularly deep.

Molded leg slides are steeper with a more compact design, perfect if you have a limited amount of deck space and want a fun yet thrilling slide.

Elephant leg slides are the largest of the group and are best suited for families with older kids who are looking for the most thrill and excitement as they slide.

Overall, my recommendation would be to invest in a molded leg slide, they offer a thrilling ride without taking up a large amount of deck space.

What To Consider When Buying A Pool Slides

Best Pool Slides

Knowing which type to look for will narrow down your options, but it doesn’t help you measure the nuances that make or break a product.

Let’s go over some of the main criteria you should apply to your decision making process when looking for the perfect pool slide.

Is It A Suitable Size & Shape?

Best Pool Slides

Before choosing a particular slide it’s essential to consider the footprint, that is, just how much space it’s going to take up on your deck once it’s installed.

Larger slides are more fun of course, but the bigger the slide, the more ground area you lose to install it alongside your pool.

I’d also recommend considering the positioning, as you don’t want to be stuck with a giant slide in the middle of your deck, that breaks up the flow as you walk around your pool.

Is It Compatible With Your Pool?

Not all pool slides will be compatible with your swimming pool.

Most pool slides require installation onto a wooden or concrete deck, so they are fixed in place and are stable and secure for your family to use. Because of this, you need to make sure you’ve got an appropriate place to set up your slide.

Will It Need A Water Supply?

To help sliders speed down the flume, many slides can connect a flowing water supply, either through a garden hose connection or your pools return line.

The benefits of having a water supply reduces traction so you can slide faster, while also minimizing the chances for any grazes or abrasions as you slide. The running water also turns your slide into a beautiful water feature, enhancing the overall appeal of your pool.

Is It Easy To Install?

Of course, the bigger the pool slide, the more cumbersome it is to maneuver into place and install it successfully. Some models are even quite heavy in the box, so this needs to be considered before you buy.

Generally, you’re going to need at least 2 people to install a pool slide successfully and make sure the product you buy has explicit instruction videos. It can take anywhere from 1 hour to several to set it up, depending on the particular model you buy.

How Long Will It Last?

The quality of a particular pool slide depends on what it has been constructed from. The earlier models you probably know as a kid were either fiberglass or acrylic, but these days most slides are made from polyethylene.

Polyethylene is essentially very heavy-duty plastic, which makes it capable of standing up to the harsh rays of the sun, has some flex to avoid cracking, and is overall a highly durable product.

Assuming you’re not on a super tight budget, most pool slides should last several seasons.

Reviewing The 6 Best Pool Slides

So far we’ve covered why you should get a pool slide, the different types available and what features are important to focus on.

In this section, we’ll be looking at specific swimming pool slides, each of which were hand-picked for review based on the same criteria I’ve outlined in this guide.

Inground Pool Slides vs. Above Ground Pool Slides – What’s the Difference?

With an inground pool, you’ll find that the pool surrounds, whether you have a deck or no deck, is flush to the ground. Most pool slides will require the waterslide be securely fixed to the pool surrounds and the pool surrounds will need to be flush with the pool edge.  

Above ground pools, as the name suggests, sit above the ground and may have a deck or no deck surrounding them. Adding a pool slide when you have a deck surrounding your pool is easy.

But what happens if you don’t have a deck?

Pool Slides for Above Ground Pools Without a Deck

Having a slide for an above ground pool without a deck is still possible. It can be a little trickier though. Here’s the options you have for a pool slide when you don’t have a deck around your pool:

1) Build a platform for your pool slide

Many pool owners that don’t have a deck for their above ground pools have constructed a small platform that is flush with the pool’s edge. The slide is then mounted on the platform.

2) Use a floating pool slide

If you would like a slide for your above ground pool and you don’t have a deck and are not keen on constructing a platform for a slide, then an inflatable floating pool slide might be just the ticket.

What are the Different Types of Above Ground Pool Slides?

Blow up / Inflatable Pool Slides

Inflatable slides come in many different types and sizes. There are blow-up slides that are placed on the edge of the pool, on your deck or pool surrounds. There are also slides that are placed right in the pool of water – floating pool slides.

Many inflatable slides are only suitable to small children however some will accommodate adults.

Blow-up slides are cheap and cost effective and are suitable for above ground pools and inground pools

Non-inflatable Pool Slides

Non-inflatable slides don’t need blowing up and are made of solid hard wearing materials such as fiberglass and molded plastic. Unlike blow up waterslides, these slides will last for years.

These slides generally slide faster and are much higher than blow-up waterslides.

They need to be permanently fixed to your above ground pool deck or the edge of your inground pool to make them safe

Floating Pool Slides

Floating slides are perfect for drifting from one end of the pool to another. Some models come with a weight to stop them floating away. They are inflatable and transportable and are a great option for above ground pools without a deck.

How to Choose the Right Pool Slide for Your Above Ground Pool

When searching for the right slide for your above-ground pool, you need to consider things such as:

  • The weight of the people using the slide
  • Your pool water depth
  • How the slide mounts
  • Space requirements
  • The water supply requirements
  • Type of pool; above ground with deck or above ground without deck

Weight Limit for Pool Slides

Most permanent non-inflatable pool slides will be perfect for adults and kids of all weights.

Inflatable pool slides usually have a weight limit. Some are suitable for small children whilst other slides are suitable for adults and children. Check the manufacturer’s recommendations before you purchase.

How Deep Should the Water Be for a Slide?

The depth of the pool is very important. You certainly don’t want to hit the bottom of the pool when you slide.

Each manufacturer will have their own guidelines as to the ideal pool depth. There may also be local laws and guidelines in your area.  

As a general guide, slides will need a depth of 3.5 to 5 feet in the water envelope.  The water envelope is the area at the front and sides of where you exit the slide.

Slide Mounting Options

If you’re using a blow up slide, you don’t need to worry about how it mounts. Simply sit it on the pool surround or float it in the water.

For other slides, you’ll need to be able to fix the slide to a deck using bolts, or if you have concrete pool surrounds, fix the slide to the concrete with concrete anchors. If you have a grass pool surround, then you’ll need to concrete some posts in or pour in some concrete pads so you can securely bolt the slide down.

How Much Space Do You Need for a Pool Slide?

First of all you’ll need to consider the footprint of the slide itself. This is the ground space needed for mounting the slide. Not only will you need enough space around the pool edge or deck for the actual slide, you’ll also need enough room for people to be able to access the ladder.

In addition to this, you’ll need enough space in the water, in front of the slide’s exit, and also to the sides of the slide’s exit. The is called the water envelope.

Check the manufacturer’s recommendations for this. For example, for larger slides, you may need 3’ (91 cm) of space on each side of the slide and 13’ (4 m) in front of the slide.

What Water Sources Can a Pool Slide Use?

Pool slides can use water from either the pool or a garden hose.

Larger permanent slides will likely need more water flow than your garden hose can supply. In this case you’ll need to plumb it into your pool’s system by connecting a valve and hose to your filter. The other end of the hose will be connected to the slide.

Inflatable slides and smaller above ground pool slides can use a garden hose. Make sure your hose will reach!

Which Type Of Above Ground Pool Slide Do I Need?

For paddling or kiddie pools, an inflatable slide or a small floating waterslide will be perfect.

If you have an above ground pool with a deck, then you can opt for a blow up slide or a solid permanent slide.

If you have an above ground pool with a deck, then you can opt for a blow up slide or a solid permanent slide.

Slides For Above Ground Pool Without Deck

If you have no deck, then you can use a floating or inflatable slide like these ones:

  • WOW Watersports Slide N Smile – Floating Pool Slide
  • Intex Water Slide, Inflatable Play Center

Slides For Above Ground Pool With a Deck

If you do have a deck, then these models are a great choice:

  • WOW Watersports Slide N Smile – Floating Pool Slide
  • Intex Water Slide, Inflatable Play Center
  • S.R. Smith Rogue 2 Pool Slide
  • FibroPool Full-Sized Swimming Pool Slide
  • S.R. Smith Cyclone Right Curve Pool Slide

Size of Pool

For starters, what type of pool do you have? Some styles, like infinity, are designed to be an elegant, peaceful body of water. A slide would look out of place. Or, if you have a long, narrow lap pool, a slide will defeat the purpose and probably wouldn’t pass regulations. Enlist the services of an experienced contractor to assist you in determining if your pool is big enough and deep enough for a slide.

Things to think about when assessing your pool’s size: 

  • Is the pool deck big enough to accommodate a slide?
  • Smaller straight slides can take up at least 8 feet (2.5 meters) of deck space, while larger straight slides can measure more than 13 feet (4 meters) from the ladder to the edge of a pool.
  • Left-handed or right-handed curving or spiraling slides take up less room and can be more enjoyable for swimmers.

Location, Location, Location

Real estate in your backyard may be at a premium. Consider this: most slides need a minimum area of 8 feet x 15 feet, depending on the style. If you don’t allow ample decking around the slide, access can be impaired and you and your guests may end up awkwardly walking around the pool deck or ducking under the slide to reach the other side.

If you place a slide in the midst of a patio or deck seating area it is going to interrupt conversations or relaxation with all the activity. Consider locating the slide at the deep end or corner, facing the patio or deck seating area, so that you can keep an eye on the activity and enjoy the happy faces of those splashing down the slide.

Safety Regulations for Pool Slides

It’s pretty simple: the higher the slide, the deeper the pool will need to be. Again, consult local safety codes and regulations.

  • Pool slide ladders, steps, ramps, or stairs must have treads in place of rungs, if the incline angle is 15 degrees or greater.
  • The angle of the slide steps or ladder must be such that the slider’s center of gravity is fully balanced on each step during use.
  • Slide steps must meet specific dimension, tread curvature, slip resistance, and performance requirements; check your county or state requirements. 
  • Fasteners must be durable and not susceptible to breakage, becoming loose, or cracking.
  • The minimum dimensions apply for ladder platforms with a slip-resistant surface at the top of the slide, including handrails.
  • The load-bearing capability must be 300 pounds without failure or damage.
  • Handrails must meet specific positioning, extension height, design safety, and length requirements.
  • Pool slides must be wet for safe sliding.
  • While servicing your pool, shake the slide to detect any loose bolts. Water on a pool deck can cause rusted bolts, so inspect for signs of rust. 
  • Check the water supply line for leaks, which could lower the pool water level and lead to equipment that runs dry and results in costly repairs.


Slides are out in the open, exposed to the elements. Because they can discolor quickly, use a glaze/polish kit to restore its appearance. Refrain from painting a weather-beaten slide, because the constant sliding friction and exposure to heat and temperature extremes will quickly make the surface appear even worse. Painted slides or surfaces can oxidize, causing powdery streaks on the backs and bottoms of swimmers.

And lastly, make sure your kids aren’t being too silly!

Requirements For Installing A Pool Slide

For the safety of everyone who will use the swimming pool, there are some requirements that must be followed when installing a water slide. The first thing you must check is if the local codes will allow you to build a pool slide. If they allow the setting up of slides, you need to check the laws regarding this, and you should follow them to the book.

One other requirement you should look at is the area the slide will occupy. This the amount of space needed to properly install the slide. In general, the bigger the slide, the larger the area it needs. You should check the space that the slide needs. Compare it to the amount of space in your poolside to find out if it’s the right slide for you.

The water supply is another important aspect of installing a pool slide. Water is needed to lubricate the slide, so this is an important factor in the process. There are 2 common ways to get around this. You can install a water system connected to the pool that will push the water from the pool into the slide. On the other hand, the system used to fill up the pool can be sent into the slide.

What Do You Need To Look For In A Pool Slide?

Best Pool Slides

When in the market for a pool slide, you should consider the people who will use it. If you want the slides to be used only by children, then you can install slides that are designed for kids. However, if you expect full-sized adults to use the slide, you should get something that caters to adults. Aside from having enough width to fit an adult, the slide must have at least 200 to 300 pounds of weight capacity.

You should also check out the pool stairs. The pool ladder is an important part of any slide. It can greatly affect its safety level. Getting a slide with an enclosed stairway is a better option for slides that will be used by children. Also, you must make sure that the steps have enough traction even when wet. Slipping on ladders is one of the most common causes of slide-related injuries. Thus, it must be given enough attention.

Lastly, you should consider what slide makers refer to as the “water safety envelope”. The envelope includes the required depth of the water at the end of the slide. This usually ranges from 3.5 to 5 feet. The amount of overhang needed from the edge of the pool, and the amount of clearance the slide needs relative to the pool are also important. Each slide has its own unique water safety envelope, and it should work within the dimensions of your slide.

Final Conclusion for Inflatable Swimming Pool Slides

You want to make sure that everything goes smoothly. However, some things can hinder you from enjoying this fun-filled season. One of the drawbacks of going out during the summer is that the beaches are too crowded. Going to a crowded beach can be frustrating and disappointing. Instead of experiencing peace and trying to relieve all your stress from work and study, you’re greeted with a noisy and chaotic environment.

Checking and comparing different pool sliders is crucial if you want to make sure that you’re buying only the best product out there. Don’t forget to read reviews, testimonials, or feedbacks written by people who have bought and used it before. Take note that not all pool sliders are created equal. Choose what’s best for you and don’t forget to consider safety first.

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