Lessons To Learn From Cartoon Shows

cartoon life lessons

Cartoons are not just a waste of time. There are a lot of lessons to learn from our favorite characters.

Talk to any parent and they come up with an unanimous complaint – “My kid spends hours in front of the TV watching all those rubbish cartoons”. So, does that mean cartoons are nothing apart from a bin of trash ? Well, I began to differ. 

If the cartoon characters are evaluated, one can find that kids get to learn many good values and skills from them too. Let us see what values and skills can the famous cartoon characters teach us. 

Chhota Bheem

The most popular hero among the kids, Chhota Bheem teaches one of the biggest life skills : always standing by your friends when they are in trouble. Chhota Bheem teaches kids how to keep composure during times of pressure and use your intelligence to solve tricky situations, thus enhancing Problem Solving skills in them. 

chhota bheem

Bheem also teaches values like respecting and obeying your elders and standing against anything that is wrong. 


The little girl Dora, with her friend , Boots can imbibe in kids, a passion for travelling. The way she backpacks her things and sets off for different objectives and goals can teach the kids how to use certain things and materials while on a trip. This program is also good for developing  English vocabulary of the tiny tots. 

dora cartoon


A massive hit amongst kids, Doraemon always teaches his lazy owner, Nobita that nothing is easily achievable. Although, he has many magical gadgets, he ensures that Nobita learns that there’s is no easy way to success.

The value of self discipline can be learnt from Doraemon. This program can also inculcate  scientific ideas in the curious, little brains. 

doraemon cartoon

Tom and Jerry 

These lovable darlings have taught us many important life skills since years, the most important one being, size doesn’t matter. The little mouse, Jerry always wins over the big cat, Tom with his intelligence and determination.

tom and jerry

This show also teaches the fact that there should always remain a little mischief to keep the spark alive, else life will be too boring and monotonous . 

Mr. Bean 

This comic fellow teaches the value of being self confident. He knows what he wants and sets out to get it, anyhow. He tinkers and investigates until he can achieve his goal, thus teaching the child not to give up easily.

mr bean

Perseverance is another virtue, the kids can learn from Mr. Bean.  

Scooby Doo 

This character has teaches the virtues like courage and loyalty. Although Scooby is  sometimes cowardly,his immense courage and loyalty makes him to take a heroic stance even without prodding.  Scooby also teaches an important lesson to kids – Don’t believe Strangers.

Scooby, although has a speech disorder, is an integral part of his group. This will  develop confidence in a child with any such difficulty and will make him feel important to others, which is extremely important in boosting self esteem of a kid. 

scobby doo


This relatively new cartoon character has already started becoming popular among kids. Kids can learn to be courageous, stylish, curious and imaginative from him. Tashi is always ready to face any difficult situation and leaves no stones turned to save anyone in distress. 

tashi cartoon

He is compassionately and recklessly dedicated to putting things right. No challenge is too daunting for him.

As you can see, your child is also learning and developing important skills and values from his/her favorite cartoon character. So let him/her watch her favorite show for a limited period of time. Your kid will be happy and you too can be assured that your child is not watching only crap. 

Author: Ariana Santos

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