6 Bollywood Dads Who Are Hot AF

shahrukh khan son

Have you ever felt envy of The Doting Dads of Bollywood? 6 Bollywood hero dads are sure to make you feel your life boring.

The Bollywood actors are always trying to woo us with their acting skills. They are the stars and the superstars of the film industry. But what makes them most adorable are that they are the perfect fathers. When it comes to their parenting, there’s no acting involved in it. They love, scold, play and spend time with their kids just as any other normal dad does. Amidst their stardom, what bothers them the most is the upbringing of their children. 

So today, we have brought to you 6 doting dad’s of Bollywood. 

Shah Rukh Khan  

Shahrukh Khan has always been the perfect dad to Aryan and Suhana. But the doting dad spoils the youngest son, AbRam rotten. Every smile, every action, every mischief of AbRam is posted on his Instagram account by the daddy , Mr. Shahrukh Khan. 

shahrukh khan son

Shahrukh is so much engrossed with his youngest child, that he even carries the little one while away on his international assignments. However, the obsession with AbRam doesn’t make Shah Rukh to love his elder duo less. In fact, he personally takes keen interest in their upbringing and had recently been to London to get Aryan enrolled in an educational course. 

Akshay Kumar  

The Khiladi of Bollywood might be the leading actor of industry with millions of fan following. But at home, he is just another dad, sometimes becoming a Crocodile and sometimes becoming a clown for his daughter on her birthday.

akshay kumar son

Apart from a four year old daughter, Akshay also has an elderly son who is his best buddy as well. 

Hrithik Roshan  

This handsome hunk has got two wonderful sons and Hrithik puts on the example of a perfect father by spending quality time with them, be it on a holiday, sharing and ice cream, or learning venetian mask- making together. His Instagram Pictures reveal that the two sons are quite in awe of their dad and try to imitate whatever he does.

hritik roshan son

Hrithik and Sussanne Khan, who are no longer a couple, spend times together with both their sons, which is a perfect example of good parenting. 

Abhishek Bachchan  

Well although we still feel that Abhishek Bachchan is a kid himself and also a Mama’s Boy (as you can go find that his Instagram photos are mostly with his mother, Jaya Bachchan), he is, in fact, a very loving father. He makes sure that he spends adequate time with his daughter Aradhya. An example of this is the fact that recently Abhishek suffered from a slip disc as he fell down on the ground while playing cricket with Aradhya. 

abhishek bachchan son

Riteish Deshmukh  

We all know that Riteish is the perfect husband to his wife Genelia. But do you know, that he is an equally adorable dad. Riteish, who recently became a dad for the second time is in awe of his sons. 

riteish desmukh son

He mostly carries the kids in public, has made special child-friendly furniture at home so that the kids don’t  get hurt and makes sure he puts Riaan, the elder one, off to sleep every day.   

Shahid Kapoor  

He deserves a special mention on our list as he has just become a father a month back and has become extremely possessive of his daughter in no time. So much so that he didn’t anyone have a glimpse of their little bundle of joy while taking her home.

shahid kapoor son

Shahid carried the baby personally, wrapped up completely in a white cloth. Seems Big Daddy will surely keep a watch on his daughter in the long run. 

Image source – Time of India, Hindustan Times

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