Indian Army Jawans carry Pregnant Woman To Hospital for more than 4 Hours amidst Heavy Snowfall


Jammu & Kashmir is in the midst of one of the harshest winters in its history. Several areas of the state have been disconnected from the mainland owing to heavy snow. As a result of the freezing temperatures, heavy snowfalls have made life (including commuting) incredibly difficult, including in emergencies. 

Amid this, a video of the ‘Khariyat’ team of the Indian army carrying a pregnant woman in waist-deep snow is going viral on the Internet.

The video that was posted by Indian Army’s XV Corps (Chinar Corps) of Indian Army shows hundreds of army personnel and some civilians carrying a pregnant woman on a stretcher, walking through deep snow after she developed some complications in her pregnancy. 

According to sources , the team received a call on Tuesday, 14th January from Riyaz Mir, a resident of Dard Pora village near Baramulla in north Kashmir. He informed the team that his wife Shamima was in labour and the family was unable to take her to hospital because of heavy snowfall.

On learning this, over 100 personnel from the army and 30 civilians immediately swung into action and carried the woman on a stretcher through waist-deep snow for 4 hours and reached the hospital on time, where she delivered the baby. Both the baby and the mother were safe and sound.

In the video, the soldiers can be seen hurriedly digging snow to rescue Tariq Iqbal of Lacchipura village, who was hit by a snow slide and was half-buried in it on Tuesday. Tariq Iqbal and Zahoor Ahmed Khan, both residents of Lacchipura were on the road from Lachhipura to Bijhama village early Tuesday when they were hit by a snow slide and were soon extricated by the Indian Army. After the search that went on for 20 minutes, Iqbal was stabilized and evacuated to Baramulla. Zahoor Ahmed Khan was discharged after an examination.

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