This International Tiger’s Day, Learn Few Unusual Facts About Tigers…

International Tigers Day

International Tiger’s Day is celebrated every year on the 29th of July across the world. This day is celebrated to spread public awareness and support for tiger conservation. This day was created in 2010 at Saint Petersburg Tiger Summit.

However, the scenario of Tigers is not at all encouraging in India. Look at some of the alarming facts which will make you the government’s efforts in preserving this wild beauty.

  1. 31 Cases of poaching or seizure of tiger body parts reported so far in 2016 in India.
  2. 72 Total Tiger Deaths have been reported so far in 2016. Although this number includes natural deaths, it is still alarmingly high.
  3. 5 Tigers recovered from poachers in Uttarakhand in March.

Thus,  you can see that if this is the ongoing picture, then 2016 will really witness a major downfall in the total number of Tigers.

Let us take an oath against poaching. Meanwhile, have a look at these amazing facts about tigers that you didn’t know.

  1. Tigers have eyes with round pupils that help them to hunt in the morning get and evening as compared to domestic cats who have pupils with suits for hunting at night.
  2. Tigers hiss and fuff most of the time when under threat. Roars are generally to communicate with other tigers who are far and way.
  3. No two tigers have the same stripes on their body. Their stripes are unique to each of them, much like the human fingerprints.
  4. Tigers use their urine to mark their territories to warn off other tigers. And you believe it or not, tiger urine smells like buttered popcorn.
  5. Tigers are the largest members of the cat family. The Siberian tiger is the largest cat in the world. It can grow up to 3.5m long and weigh 320 kg
  6. Tigers are extremely generous. They let the female tigress and the cubs to eat first, a trait that is absent in the other members of the cat family.
  7. Tigers can come in a variety of colors like white, gold, black and possibly even blue, the last specimen being known as Maltese Tigers.
  8. A tiger’s short term memory is 30 times longer than humans. Don’t mess with the species thinking that they will forget you soon.
  9. Unlike other cats, tigers love to swim as they love water.
  10. Tigers can mate with other big cats, like the lion, and form a hybrid, known as Liger.
  11. Tiger saliva is Antiseptic. So, if you are bitten by one of them, be sure that they have already applied Antiseptic on your wound.
  12. Tigers can mimic the sound of other animals, which helps them to attract their prey.
  13. Tigers show their happiness by squinting or closing their eyes. They cannot purr.
  14. A tiger cub is completely blind at the time of birth.  Blindness remains for the 1st week after its birth.
  15. Most tigers have yellow eyes except white tigers, who are known to have blue eyes.

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